The German School of Fremont
A Saturday Language School for Children and Adults

There are two semesters per school year.
The school year runs from September through May.
Tuition may be paid on a semester or yearly basis.

2019 Rates (5% increase + $50 books per semester)
Family Members 1 Semester
(per person)
2 Semesters
(per person)
1 $397 $751
2 $376 $707
3+ $342 $651
Parent & Me $218  $437

New Student Registration Fee: $30.00

Register Online

Textbooks: Textbook and material fees are included in the 2019 rates (see table of rates above). All of our classes except for the Parent-and-me and C1 class require the use of a textbook. Textbooks are selected by our teachers and are usually available by the first day of school.

Tuition Refund policy: When students cannot complete a semester they have paid for, the maximum refund of tuition is limited to 50% of the tuition paid for that semester. Reason: the school has to commit room rental for the year and teaching staff for the semester. Registration fee of $30.00 is not refundable.