The German School of Fremont
A Saturday Language School for Children and Adults

Vereinfachte Texte (Easy Readers)

A1 Das Schlafwagenabteil Christian Bock
A crime story in form of a play
Level: intermediate
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1973
A2 Peter Schlemihls wundersame Geschichte Adelbert von Chamisso
This life story of Peter, placed in the 18th century, combines realistic features with fairy tales. Peter sells his shadow to the devil and finally has to pay for it.
Level: intermediate
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1996
A3 Bild ohne Rahmen Felix & Theo
Do you know Walter Angermeier? He is a painter in Berlin and would like to become rich and famous. But how?
Level: intermediate
Langenscheidt Verlag Berlin 1993
A60 Ein Fall auf Rügen Felix & Theo
Following his doctor's advice, private detective Müller spends his vacation at the ocean on the island of Rügen. A terrible accident leaves a young man injured. Müller is puzzled by the circumstances and decides to find out what has occurred and why.
Level: advanced
Langenscheidt Verlag Berlin 2003
A69 Elvis in Köln Felix & Theo
Carneval in Köln! Helmut Müller picks an Elvis costume and visits a costume ball. But there are problems: money, watches, and Bea Braun disappear.
Level: beginner
Langenscheidt Verlag Berlin 1999
A5 Das Fräulein von Scuderi E. T. A. Hoffmann
It is the year 1680. In Paris, a series of mysterious murders occur, all involving expensive jewelry. Suddenly, the highly respected Miss Scuderi receives some strange letters…
Level: intermediate
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1976
A6 Drei Tage Liebe Joe Lederer
A love story in the Berlin of the 1920s
Level: easy
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1996
A7 Die lange, große Wut Hansjörg Martin
Two crime stories that describe the dependence of married couples and their search for personal freedom - which seems to be achievable only by murder.
Level C (1800 words)
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1983
A10 Die Tat / Ein Fall für Herrn Schmidt Wolfdietrich Schnurre
The two stories deal with a cat that interferes fatefully with the lifes of a soldier and a boy.
Level C (1800 words)
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1974
A11 Die Oder gluckste vor Vergnügen Rolf Ulrici
A humorous novel in the 1930s. Three teenagers, two girls and a boy, bike from Berlin to the Baltic Sea, and they have lots of fun during the trip.
Level C (1800 words)
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1994
A12 Der Sprung ins Ungewisse Theodor Weißenborn
Seven stories about life in our times. Loneliness and increasing isolation, but also self esteem and stamina are some of the topics
Level: intermediate
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1975
A13 Treff mit Trimmel Friedhelm Werremeier
Two crime stories located around Hamburg. In the one case, an alcohol dependent woman dies under mysterious circumstances. In the other case, two teenaged boys steal a car with unexpected content.
Level D (2400 words)
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1984
A14 Novellen Stefan Zweig
Three novellettes that analyze the psyche and thoughts of people that are driven by mysterious and unconsious powers.
Level C (1800 words)
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart 1972
A55 Täglich dasselbe Theater - Heitere Geschichten A & E Schmitz (Editors)
Humorous short stories
Level 2 (1300 words)
Max Hueber Verlag, Ismaning 1996
A61a Kurzgeschichten Marie Luise Kaschnitz
A61b Several short stories are presented with characters that experience super natural powers which cause anxiety.
Level B (1200 words)
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart
A64 Der geteilte Himmel Christa Wolf
This is the story of a couple separated by the recent construction of the Berlin Wall. The two struggle with the contradictions of their different societies in the East and West.
Level B (1200 words)
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart
A67 Die Züricher Verlobung Barbara Noak
A humorous and confusing love story
Level C (1800 words)
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart
A68 Jerry lacht in Harlem Josef Reding
The present shortstories from the book "Don't call me Nigger" depict people from the dark side of life. There is the Harlem boy Jerry and his gang, the poor Italian immigrant, a welfare recipiant, or just people with bad luck. A book for thought.
Level B (1200 words)
Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart

Novellen und Kurzgeschichten (Short stories)

A15 Nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit Heinrich Böll
Collection of satirical stories describing the German society of the 1950s
Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag 1966
A16 Wanderer kommst du nach Spa…. Heinrich Böll
Short stories, mostly placed in the early part of the 20th century
Paul List Verlag München 1956
A51 Gedichte Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Complete edition of Goethe's poems, with comments by Erich Trunz
Verlag Beck, München 1978
A17 Der Gegenwart ins Gästebuch Erich Kästner
Collection of Poems
Büchergilde Gutenberg, Frankfurt 1968
A18 Arche Noah, Touristenklasse Ephraim Kishon
42 satirical short stories from Isreal
Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag Reinbek 1973
A19 Sternstunden der Menschheit Stefan Zweig
12 historical miniatures
S. Fischer Verlag Frankfurt 1991
A56 Klassisches Vorlesebuch 1 Friedrich M. Fux (Editor)
Chapters from 12 great novels of world literature from Cervantes to Tolstoj
Langewiesche-Brandt KG, Ebenhausen 1964

Romane (Novels)

A20 Ansichten eines Clowns Heinrich Böll
Hans Schnier wants to be an honest clown rather than a hypocrite. For six years, he lives with Marie, without being married. Marie leaves him, because he refuses to agree to bring up potential children in the catholic faith. Schnier can't cope with this loss. From being a clown in great demand, he turns into a beggar that sits on the stairs of the Bonn train station - when Marie returns from her honey moon with a 'progressive' catholic.
Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag München 1967
A54 Ende einer Dienstfahrt Heinrich Böll
A strange trial is being held in a small town: it looks like sabotage, but the two suspects, a father and son, don't fit the image of saboteurs who would set a jeep of the army on fire. Böll depicts a detailed picture of his protagonists and the town, lovely and idyllic, but not without irony towards everyone.
Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Köln 1967
A21 Die chinesische Heirat Pearl S. Buck
Nine stories of Asia, past and present; one of Chinatown, New York.
Droemer Knaur, München 1978
A22 Die Frauen des Hauses Wu Pearl S. Buck
Madame Wu, wife of a rich merchant, is the head of a large family. She guides her sons securely and unnoticed through life. At the age of 40, she decides to regain freedom from her husband by satisfying him with a second wife. She falls in love with an Italian priest. This strange relationship leads her into a completely new world and changes her life.
Fischer Bücherei Frankfurt 1956
A23 Die Mutter Pearl S. Buck
The story of a poor Chinese Farmer's woman and mother that bears her tough life only through the never ending love for her children.
Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag Reinbek 1957
A24 Land der Hoffnung, Land der Trauer Pearl S. Buck
Wu I-wan was the son of a wealthy banker in Shanghai. Reacting against the squalor and misery of the masses, I-wan joined the illegal student revolutionary movement to fight against the corrupt and heedless rulers of his country. This is the story of his betrayal, of his flight to Japan - of his return to take up arms when the Japanese invaded his country.
Eduard Kaiser Verlag, Klagenfurt
A25 Ostwind - Westwind Pearl S. Buck
The love and life story of a chinese girl with her husband, that was assigned to her already at birth. The husband, a medical doctor, was brought up in the western world. The book describes vividly and sensitively the differences between East and West.
Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag Reinbek 1953
A26 Insel am Ende der Welt Ian Cameron
Treasure hunt in the heart of the Arctic. A member of a whaling fleet disappears with his helicopter in the Arctic and is believed dead. But his father doesn't agree. He organizes an expedition to search for his son. On the way, they discover unknown Arctic tribes and unexpected treasures.
Known through the film version by Walt Disney
Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag Frankfurt 1976
A27 Kleiner Mann - was nun? Hans Fallada
The story of a poor couple that fights with life in Germany after world war 1. Thanks to their love, loyalty, idealism and fantasy they never lose hope and their dreams of a better life.
Rowohlt Verlag Reinbek 1981
A28 Kleine Liebe zu Amerika Manfred Hausmann
A young man strolls across the United States. He observes and analyzes carefully what he sees, without rushing to conclusions. A lively and colourful image of the US.
Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag Frankfurt 1961
A29 Beim nächsten Mann wird alles anders Eva Heller
Student Constanze is tired of her boy friend. He is cheap and unemotional. She looks for a new relationship that will allow her to have her emancipated dreams come true. Who is the real man, how can she find him? A book as exciting as a love story and as amusing as men.
A book for women
Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag Frankfurt 1987
A30 Dublin James Joyce
Scenes of every day life in Dublin around 1900.
Fischer Bücherei Frankfurt 1953
A31 Morgens um sieben ist die Welt noch in Ordnung Eric Malpass
The humorous story of a little innocent boy who brings his whole family up in arms with his true and simple-minded observations. His ears and eyes are everywhere where they shouldn't be.
Rowohlt Verlag Reinbek 1967
A32 Tonio Kröger Thomas Mann
The life of a young man who is torn between the south European life style of his mother, and the Northern German seriousness of his father. He turns into a restless artist that feels at home neither in Italy nor in Denmark, and has a difficult time to establish lasting relations with others.
S. Fischer Verlag Berlin 1965
A33 Natascha Heinz G. Konsalik
Natascha, a world renowned singer from Russia, decorated with all honours the country had to give away, asks for political asylum in France. The book describes the fascinating and unparalleled life of Natascha Tschugunowa.
Wilhelm Heyne Verlag München 1975
A34 Wechselspiel der Liebe Rosamunde Pilcher
A young woman finds out that she has a twin sister. She discovers a person that resembles her in looks, but lives a very different life. The world turns upside down when she meets the former fiancé of her sister.
A book for women
Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag Reinbek 1993
A35 Der Gasmann Heinrich Spoerl
The honest civil servant, Mr. Knittel, takes the train to work in the morning. Suddenly a passenger who has lost his suit during a little love affair in the sleeping car, forces Knittel to change his uniform for the stranger's pyjama and a large check. For Knittel starts a dramatic time, rich with conflicts and misunderstandings.
Rowohlt Verlag Reinbek 1957
A70 Herr der Diebe Cornelia Funke
Two brothers flee to Venice, and continue on to an island in the lagoon, where they find an old, tubled-down merry-go-round with magic powers.
Cornelia Funke is the most successful German contemporary children book author. This book was a New York Times bestseller after it's first publishing.
Adult edition of the children phantasy story
Atrium Verlag, Zürich 2002
A44 Die Tochter des Schmieds Selim Özdogan
The story of a girl in a village in Anatolia who submits to the strict traditions of her surroundings, without ever catering to her own wishes. The author gives a sensitive picture of the conficts between young and old.
Aufbau-Verlag, Berlin 2005
A47 Hechtsommer Jutta Richter
Two children, who know that their mother is very sick, react completely different to the situation: the girl wants to stop time, the boy thinks catching a pike would heal his mom. Despite the disagreement, the two stick together through hope, despair, mourning and comfort.
Carl Hanser Verlag, Ottobrunn 2004

Epische Romane, dicke Bücher (Epic Novels, thick books)

A36 Die Einwanderer Howard Fast
The story of the American dream: born to Italian immigrants, Daniel Lavette starts out as a fisher man in San Francisco and builds up a huge empire with ships, airplanes, hotels and real estate. But then comes black Friday and the big depression. Rise and fall of a whole generation.
Rowohlt Verlag Reinbek 1979
A37 Vom Winde verweht Margaret Mitchell
The centerpoint of this epic is the beautiful, proud Scarlett O'Hara and her love to the outlawed outsider Rhett Butler.
Lesering Das Bertelsmann Buch 1953
A38 Doktor Schiwago Boris Pasternak
The life of the Russian doctor Jurij Schiwago. He is torn between the love for his wife and another woman that crosses his path again and again during his life. Finally, he gives way to this woman, and a great, unfortunate love develops.
Europäischer Buchklub Stuttgart
A39 Hurra wir leben noch Johannes Mario Simmel
The story of Jakob Formann, who builds a worldwide economic empire and is one of the richest, most successful and most requested men of the higher society. However, during the oil crises he loses everything and is as poor as thirty years ago. This gives him the time to remember and to return to his great love from then, the woman he never forgot.
Knaur Verlag München 1978
A57 Der Schut Karl May
Following adventures in the Devil's Gorge and the Cave of the Jewels, hero Kara Ben Nemsi and his companions meet the head of the dreaded criminal gang, the 'Schut'. Dangerous situations arise, before the hunt, that started in the desert of Tunesia, comes to an end in Albania.
Manfred Pawlak Verlag, Herrsching 1990

Kriminalgeschichten (Crime stories)

A40 Das Verhör des Harry Wind Walter M. Diggelmann
A story about the influence that clever and aggressive advertisement has on the public opinion. Harry Wind, a sly, reckless manager, is in detention because he supposedly spied for the Soviets. A dramatic duel unfolds between the investigation officer and Wind, covering many aspects of life in Switzerland.
Buchclub Ex Libris Zürich 1962
A41 Der Verdacht Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Detective Bärlach checks himself into a famous clinic of a doctor that is suspected to have been a doctor in a concentration camp. Together with one survivor of the camp, the detective unmasks the doctor and uncovers a dark past.
Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag Reinbek 1965

Biographien (Biographies)

A42 Konrad Adenauer Klaus Gotto
A review of the life of the first German chancelor. Many photos, text in German, English, French and Spanish
Verlag Bonn Aktuell 1988
A43 Häuptling Büffelkind Langspeer erzählt sein Leben Büffelkind Langspeer
The author grew up as an Indian among Indians and was witness of the intrusion of the White Man in the life of the Indians. It is a true-to-life description of the life of the Indians at the turn from the 19th to the 20th century.
Paul List Verlag München 1958
A45 Wilhelm Busch Museum Hannover Museum
The book describes the life and oeuvre of Wilhelm Busch, as it is shown in the museum in Hannover. Many fotos, examples of his paintings and his world famous cartoons.
Westermann Druck, Braunschweig 1980